Winter is over, time to switch over to summer tyres!

And to be sure you make absolutely the right choice, choose KLEBER tyres.

With the KLEBER Dynaxer HP3 tyre, you can safely drive over long distances, in particular thanks to:

its grip in the wet: all tyre sizes have obtained the European B labelling on this criterion;

its excellent longevity, highly praised by ADAC (the German federation of motorist clubs). During their very latest tests on summer tyres, the federation considered the longevity of this tyre to be "very good", the best rating on the ADAC's scale.


Therefore, by fitting KLEBER summer tyres to your vehicle, you will benefit from their characteristics and performance in the long term.


However, even with the best tyres, you still need to remain vigilant on the roads during the summer!

The weather can catch you out. Slow down in the rain, increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front, and use your dipped headlights.

To reduce the risk of aquaplaning, regularly check:

tyre wear: the minimum tread depth must be 1.6 mm,

the tyre pressures according to the manufacturer's recommendations. If the tyres are hot when you check their pressures, add 0.3 bar. If you take the motorway or if you are carrying heavy loads, do not forget to adapt the tyre pressures accordingly.


Choosing KLEBER summer tyres before going on holiday with your family means making the right choice, in complete confidence.